Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Getting Back At It

Hey peeps! How are you all? Things are going well with me! The hubby and I had a fabulous anniversary vacation last week in Las Vegas and we had an amazing time! I'm not sure if I'll post a full vacation blog with pics since that will take a while, but here's a sum up with a few pics from my phone:

We flew out on Wednesday the 24th and flew back Monday the 29th of October. We ate WAY too much food and enjoyed many a beverage - it was amazing! We went to see Terry Fator who was incredible (if you don't know who he is, go to YouTube & check him out!) We also went to Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil which was fabulous!

I shopped & bought a new necklace at Tiffany's (YES Tiffanys!!! EEP!) I absolutely LOVE my new pretty necklace!!

We went for an anniversary dinner at Gordon Ramsey Steak (in the Paris) and had a meal that cost more than our truck payment - and it was worth every penny! I don't have any pics on my phone from this dinner, so I'm sorry about that. But it was a 5 course dinner complete with Ahi Tuna salad, french onion soup & a perfectly rare beef wellington for dinner PLUS wine pairing for each course!! Oh the hubby and I were happy peeps!

I got to see THE Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds and she was BEAUTIFUL! Yeah okay - I have a thing for really sexy cars! I tried to convince my hubby that we *REALLY* should spend the $375,000 so we could own her! hehe!

We ran a 5K Zombie Run on Sunday morning - where you either survive or you don't based on zombie's ripping flags off you! I got body-checked by a zombie who zigged the same way I zigged...I should have zagged...anyways, he took my last flag! Needless to say, Tom survived but I did not. OH and the Jabbawockeez from America's Best Dance Crew were the masters of ceremonies for the race, so they were all there AND they all ran the race with us! It was super fun!! But we had a BLAST! AND I got this killer new t-shirt (it even has my "kill count" on the back of it!)

Okay, so that's all the pics I've got from our trip on my phone - the rest are on the digital camera and may or may not get uploaded on Facebook. I really hate timeline and its a pain to organize pics, so I've been putting it off.

When we got back, we had a few relaxing "off diet days" to just get back into the groove of every day life which was really nice. Since we were so active in Vegas (and I really didn't eat that terribly) I only had a few pounds of water weight that fell off within a few days - woot! Starting on Sunday, we began a new eating plan that I'm really enjoying. I'm not hungry, not cranky and am already noticing more energy too! I've also totally stuck to the no soda/minimal caffeine thing (even in Vegas!) so I'm really proud of myself!!

I'm also totally proud of the hubby! He completely quit smoking over a month ago and went through the whole trip without a smoke! Woot! I'm so proud of him!! He is going to start training for a Mudder race next year and I'm going to train for a half marathon with him - so we'll be able to keep each other motivated and healthy! I know its only the first week, but its going well for both of us so far!

In other news, I'm still reading a TON of books - I just finished book #200 for the year! Yippee! I've always been a book nerd, but since we got rid of our TV in April, I've had more time to devote to reading and I love it! According to my Goodreads profile, I've read 200 books and over 72,080 pages this year so far! YAY!!! Its amazing how I can ALWAYS find something fun to read! I just read a series about professional sports players, which I never would have picked up normally - but I gave it a shot and really enjoyed it!

I'm still working the day job and teaching 7 zumba classes a week (2 adult classes and 5 for the after school kids) which is going well. I decided to cut myself some slack though and I will be leaving my adult classes within a few weeks. I need some more time to recover and 7 classes a week while training for a half was really pushing it for me. I'm thinking that backing down to 5 classes, plus the half training and regular lifting schedule will be good for me and hopefully I won't get burned out!

Financially, things are going great (even after our crazy Vegas shopping sprees! haha!) I came up with a budget that will have my car completely paid off my the end of the year (as in 2 months from now! WOOHOO!) Then once that's paid off, we're going to get our credit cards gone by the beginning of summer next year and start living our lives debt free! We'll still have the house & the truck payment - but other than that, life will be good! I am SO excited. We are getting ever closer to where we want to be!

Okay, so I think that's enough rambling for now - I'm sure I could type for another hour or so about the things I've been meaning to catch up on, but I don't have the time. Since its Voting Tuesday and I don't have my after school kids today - I ran an 11 min mile on my first break today and it felt damn good! I'm thinking I'll try to get at least one more mile in before I leave work. I'm gonna hang out with a buddy of mine this afternoon so I'm super antsy for the workday to be over! hehe!

Miles Ran Towards A Better Me in 2012: 62.06 Miles
Total Amount of Joy I've Found From My Running Shoes: Priceless!!!!

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